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Friday Book Cover: Behind the Scenes with Audio Covers

Read about the differences of e-book and audio book covers and how the publishing company handles work from a self-published author – all on Story Empire today.

Story Empire

Hello and happy Friday to all the Story Empire readers! P. H. Solomon here today with the Friday book cover post and some behind-the-scenes information you may find helpful. First, let me say we aren’t big on self-promotion at Story Empire and often shy away from it. However, today I’m straying a little with some of my own work for a purpose so please be patient.

This week marked the release of my first audio book, published on Audible by Podium Publishing  (a company which cut its publishing teeth on none other than The Martian). I’m honored that Podium sought me out based on sales of my series, The Bow of Hart Saga. The first book, The Bow of Destiny, was released on the 25th and is performed/narrated by Tim Bruce.

What does this have to do with a book cover?

My series was a self-publishing effort in…

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How much is that Island? #thewritinglife

We authors write more about islands rather than owning them. Read Mae Clair’s thoughts regarding perceptions of writers.

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Not that long ago I went to a family reunion out of state. I saw relatives I hadn’t seen in a while and many asked “how’s the writing coming?” As authors there is so much we could reply to that, but no one wants to hear about the drudgery of making word count, wrangling  plot threads, or trying to balance social media, promotion, and deadlines. In most cases I smile, tell them a bit about my latest release, and maybe one or two successes I’m proud to share.

When I bump elbows with a friend I haven’t seen for some time, I’m usually asked about my writing. After some brief discussion I normally get this question: “So, when are you going to retire?”

Because—come on—everyone knows writers are rolling in money. I’ve been told by this point, I should have enough to buy a private island.

photograph of tropical island in the middle of the ocean

This post is rambling…

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This is an interesting list of unread books by top authors. Find out which ones…


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! This is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where a new top ten list hits the web every week!

The topic this time out is: Books By My Favorite Authors That I Haven’t Read!

This topic is fairly straightforward, so I’ll jump right in.

NOTE: I want to clarify that I am considering “favorite authors” for purposes of this topic to be those individuals who are “my most read authors” i.e I’ve read a lot of their books. Certainly, this cuts out new favorites, fresh faces in the genre, but for the sake of simplifying this topic that is how I’m determining who “My Favorite Authors” are.

the demon awakes10. The Demonwar Saga – R.A. Salvatore

I’ve read a lot of Salvatore.  More than I recalled until I researched this topic.  Mainly those novels have been his Forgotten…

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