Month: October 2018

Flash Fiction: Problem/Interruption

Harmony Kent shares more of her flash fiction process today on Story Empire…

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Harmony here. I hope this finds you all well. This is the second in a four-part series about writing flash fiction. You can find the first part HERE if you missed it. Last time, we looked at creating your hook and giving your reader a character they care about who needs something . Today, we look at giving them a problem and writing your story beginning.

So, from last time we were left with …

Groom = wants to get to his wedding

Kidnapped Teen = survival

Psychopathic Counsellor = To inflict pain

Sociopathic Author = Fame

Now give them a problem …

(storymatic prompts further give … Fever + Rest area) = Groom wakes up in a rest area with no idea where he is.

Kidnapped Teen = survival + Discovers he’ll kill her regardless

Psychopathic Counsellor = To inflict pain + Can suddenly feel people’s emotional pain–really feel it…

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Book Cover Friday: Ian Hamilton Mysteries by Carole Lawrence

The Friday book cover is an appropriate choice for the season and the details of the graphics broken down well by Staci Troilo on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Ciao, SEers. It’s my turn for Book Cover Friday, and I’m presenting a series. (Well, a series in progress, as so far there are only two books, but I suspect there will be more.)

I’ve chosen the Ian Hamilton Mysteries series by Carole Lawrence.

Ian Hamilton Mysteries

First, let me draw your attention to the title font. It’s essentially sans serif, which is a popular choice these days. Sans serif is easy to read in big letters because it’s clear and unfrivolous. I say “essentially” because of the top left corner of the N and the bottom right corner of the G, where there are tiny hints of serifs. Those hints, combined with the subtle points in the curved letters and the exaggerated point in the crossbar of the H, make this font more visually interesting than the average sans serif font. The title is further enhanced by the embossed style…

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Mystery, Horror, Suspense

It’s the Halloween season and C. S. Boyack shares tips about writing mystery, suspense and horror today on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hi, gang! Craig here again, and it’s about that time. October is my favorite month of the year, and the Halloween vibe is a big part of that. When it comes to stories, there are three genres that seem to get the most attention here:

• Mystery

• Horror

• Suspense

Let’s tackle them in order. Mystery involves revealing a story that has already happened, e.g. who killed the fashion model? Sure, the timeline will converge, and the main character will face his/her own deadly threat later on. It’s the solving of something unknown that makes it a mystery.

Horror puts the reader into the room when it happens. The reader gets to see, hear, smell, taste, etc all of the terrible things that are happening to the victim.

Suspense involves something that will, or might, happen later on. The reader knows all about it, but the hero has to…

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