Month: March 2019

How Do Covers Become Covers?

Find out more about how covers get to be covers on Story Empire’s book cover Friday – leave your comments and read those from our authors who share their stories of cover creation.

Story Empire

Hello and happy Friday to all the Story Empire readers. P. H. Solomon here today with  our post about covers. Normally, one of us shares something about some covers we like and why. Today, I wanted to veer a bit from just sharing a cover into the how and why of a cover design.

Of course, not everyone is skilled with the actual work of creating a cover and several of the authors here at Story Empire rely on their chosen artists. There’s an entire process for finding an artist but you still must communicate with someone to have a completed piece of artwork. As you view the covers in the post, keep in mind that all of them are clickable so you can find out more about the book and gauge the reasons behind the development of the artwork – the main purpose being to advertise the book.


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On Becoming a Writer (Part One)

Joan Hall shares some the wats writers let themselves be discouraged from writing over at Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today talking (writing) about writing. Is there any other topic? Seriously, I live, breathe, and think writing. It’s in my blood. It’s something I must do.

I was around ten years of age when I realized I wanted to be a writer. I began to scribble stories on notebook paper. Back in those days, we didn’t have computers or video games to keep us entertained, and television was two or three channels at the most. But I had a vivid imagination and would often act out stories. (Pretend is a great game in case you didn’t know.)

I continued writing through high school. I went through a poetry phase when I was around the age of sixteen. At seventeen, I decided to write a novel. I got out my trusty pen and began putting words on paper. I didn’t have a clue about story structure…

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Friday Writing Question: Cast the Movie

Fun little game of casting characters for books from C. S. Boyack on Story Empire. I’ve thought about this one previously but have no satisfying answers to casting. Guess I need to pay more attention to movies I like and think of who I’d pick.

Story Empire

Hi, gang. Craig here again, and this Friday assignment is a writing question. It’s kind of an audience participation thing, so I hope we can engage in the comments.

This is a favorite game of authors everywhere. Let’s cast the movie to go along with our novels. I used to get more performers a few years ago. I still get them, but maybe experience has dampened some of this mental activity when I write.

The first time it happened to me, Linda Hunt insisted on taking over the character of Aunt Natalie in Panama. She was the keeper of all the secret agent type weapons, and provided the train the Marshals used once they got to Panama.

I’ll play honestly with one I’ve never given much thought to. The Hat is a being from another dimension. He’s been magically bound to help a specific family for thousands of years…

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