Month: April 2019

Friday Book Cover: Differences Across One Genre

Staci Troilo shared her thoughts about cover development on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Ciao, amici. It’s my turn to discuss covers today. I’ve done a few where I broke down the features of a single title or a series, discussing font, color, graphic, etc. Today, I thought I’d back up and take a look at conventions in general.

I’m prescheduling this post. Today’s date is March 23, but this isn’t going live until April 26. I only mention it because I’m about to show you some Amazon bestselling covers, and if you look, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find these books still on the front page. And certainly not in this order. (I thought I should clarify in case you wanted to do some of your own research on Amazon.)

The books I chose to look at are romantic suspense novels because that’s one of my favorite genres to both read and write. Here is a row from Amazon in the romantic suspense category.

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Using Real Life Experiences in Fiction

I especially like the Tom Clancy quote. Read Joan Hall’s thoughts about real life experiences used for fiction on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today with more of my thoughts on writing.

“Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Probably everyone has heard this quote or some variation. If you google for who wrote it, you’re not likely to get a definitive answer. Some say it was Lord Byron, while others attribute the quote to Mark Twain.

Even Tom Clancy got in on the game when he said:

“The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.”

Clancy was right. Truth is often strange, and life doesn’t always make sense. There are some things we can’t make up.

I’ve been a people watcher for years—long before I became a writer. Sitting in a crowded shopping mall, airport, or restaurant is at the least entertaining. Last year, I wrote a post about how we can use observations for story ideas.

But we also have our own experiences. And yes, some…

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How to Change Formatted Content in Scrivener

Good Scrivener tip from Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hello to all the Story Empire readers, PH here today with a  Scrivener tip I hope you’ll find useful. Ever realized your formatting is incorrect throughout your documents? It could be simple things like the type of quotation marks (smart or straight) or you think there are lots of extra blank spaces present. Well, there’s a quick fix to these kinds of issues in Scrivener.Scriv Button 2

Start by clicking on Format, slide down to Convert and you’ll see a number of choices displayed on the resulting fly-out menu:

Scriv Convert Menu

You can see a number of choices you can make to handle simple types of format conversions that would otherwise take too long to find. Even then, you might miss plenty of them. Consistency is important, especially when you are ready to compile your work to send to an editor or for your own revision.  Important note, these are formatting changes and…

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