Month: September 2019

How Do You Write What You Can’t Know?

Excellent topic for speculative authors from Harmony Kent on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hello SErs. Harmony here. Today, I have a question for you >>>

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How do you write what you can’t know?

Or, more to the point, how do you write it convincingly?

My current WIP is set aboard an interstellar spaceship hurtling through outer space. In this kind of situation, I cannot possibly stick to the addage of ‘Write What You Know’. Because, of course, I’ve never been on a spaceship, let alone in outer space.

One scene in Exodus, book 1 of The Colony Series, shows a couple of the characters having to wait about 5 minutes for a lift to stop at their floor. I took this from my experience of travelling on a big cruise ship. Basically, I transplanted one experience into another. On a busy ship, whether in space or travelling the oceans of Earth, you will always find a backlog at…

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Taking a Sunday Drive

Yes, let’s find out where the road leads…

Story Empire

Hi, SE friends! Mae, here. Well, sort of.  🙂

As you read this, I am on a week-long vacation in the Pine Tree State of Maine. My wonderful SE colleagues have agreed to cover for me by answering comments, but I  want this to be a leisurely post . . . like a Sunday drive.

Do you remember Sunday drives?  Way back in the days of big cars and low gas prices, my parents used to pack the family into our Chevy Biscayne and off we’d go exploring. Now I’m sure my father had a route in mind, but to me it always seemed like a spontaneous journey with adventure waiting around every turn.  If we were coming up on a road and I asked, “Dad, where’s that lead?” he’d say “I don’t know, let’s find out,” and off we’d go on what seemed like a shiny quest—where does the…

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Some Writers Have a Little Bit Too Much Fun

The other blog stop for Viral Blues by C. S. Boyack today. If you don’t read this book you will miss out on some fun with an ensemble cast of characters.

Judi Lynn

I already told you about my good blog friend, C. S. Boyack’s new book, VIRAL BLUES.  But today, Craig has come to tell you about it himself, and I’m so glad to have him!  When Craig lets his imagination go, watch out, world!  Here’s Craig:

Hi, everyone. Craig here to talk about my latest book, Viral Blues. This one is just in time for your Halloween reading, but it isn’t horror. It’s more a light-hearted romp. (Some gore, so think of it like dark humor.)

I always intended this to be a sequel for The Hat, the book I pushed for last Halloween. This series is without an overarching plot, so you ought to be able to pick up any of them and fare just fine. No prerequisite books required.

Then I went a little bit crazy, but crazy is good sometimes. It dawned on me that many of my…

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