Month: October 2019

My Halloween Conversation with Colleen

C. S. Boyack’s Halloween interview is on tap today. Join in the fun with Colleen Chesebro

Entertaining Stories

Hello, Everyone! Happy Halloween!

The last few years I’ve reserved my Halloween interview spot for C. S. Boyack, one of my favorite speculative fiction authors. Craig has written several books that fit into the Halloween genre. One of my all-time favorite books he’s written is called Panama. Just, don’t read this one alone in the dark!

I usually ask authors to pick three or four questions from my huge list HERE. However, because it’s Halloween, I let Craig pick his own questions. The best way to learn how to write captivating books is to learn from other successful authors.

Please meet my guest author, C. S. Boyack. Read the rest of of the interview here.

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Guest Post on Viral Blues by C.S. Boyack

I’m enjoying this book a lot. Take a look at Viral. Lies for Halloween.


I recently invited my friend and author C.S. Boyack, over at to do a guest post for his new book “Viral Blues.”  Craig is a talented author and blogger – his posts are often filled with good humor, snark, and fun, as well as great advice and ideas.  Take it away, Craig!



Thanks for the invitation, Leesha. Its important to have places to talk about our work, and means a lot to me that you asked. When youre ready for some promo, my door is always open.


Im touring around my newest book, Viral Blues. Ive been doing this for a few years, and am just starting on series work. This is part of The Hat series, and is the second volume. The intent here is: no prerequisite reading. You can…

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Just My Imagination

Ever met a ghost? Share you take on Story Empire where Joan Hall recalls encounters from her past. Or did she?

Story Empire

Hi SE Readers. Joan here today. Tomorrow is Halloween, so instead of talking about writing, I decided a seasonal post was in order. This is a true story that happened to me several years ago.

The huge, October full moon appeared on the horizon, visible through the bare branches of the trees. A north wind blew, causing any remaining leaves to fall to the ground where they crunched beneath my feet as I walked through the woods to my brother’s house. It was a perfect night for a ghost story…

I’ve never encountered a ghost. At least, I don’t think I have. (I’m discounting the night I  saw our neighbor after he had died.) However, I come from a long line of superstitious people, so I can’t help but wonder.

Such was the case at age nine when  a cousin and I begged my uncle to tell a ghost story…

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