Still Around & Wishing Everyone Well

Well it was a very eventful week! Not only did I have to deal with surgery and recovery for my lovely wife but the pandemic hit quickly. It’s been a busy and trying week for us all, no doubt. I feel certain we can get through this tumult by keeping our wits.

One thing that has struck me over recent days is to stop and be thankful for people in my life. Like many other people, I have an aging parent and there’s some concern for her. I don’t have space to go through my mother’s tale but having had numerous surgeries since I was about eight, I’d say she’s a survivor with an excellent attitude. Additionally, there is my immediate family and I’m thankful for my wife and happy to help her. Also, my daughter has been a trooper and come over to assist in numerous ways over the last week. Speaking of another person, my sister has been a caregiver to my parents in recent years and done so happily, even through my father’s latter days. People in our lives are important and now is a good time to call them and let them know we appreciate them very much.

The surgical recovery has kept me busy around the house with something to do at all times. There’s been PT and pain management, household duties and time for encouragement. The pets require attention regardless, so it stays busy.

But with the added stress from the coronavirus news, there’s the added edge to life. With so much changed for a while, there’s the need to cope. I’m sure a lot of people will turn to social media and various forms of entertainment, but faith is still something I practice, so I’ve slowed down to say my prayers and think more carefully about my attitude toward life in general. There are a great number of sources to find some words of peace and I turn my main source as well.

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While my writing remains important, it’s in a bit more perspective at the moment. Sure there’s plenty to work to do on it but plenty to consider during this momentous time. I’m still here and coping with all that’s changed so suddenly, but there are parts of my life that stand truer than ever. I hope everyone will consider their life more clearly and find a deeper truth for living and extend my well-wishes to everyone. In the meantime, I’ll work on writing as I can and cheerfully assist my wife with her recovery. My prayers are with you all during this time. Now it’s your turn. If you have a need and wish to express it in the comments, I will certainly offer a prayer and good thought for you.

8 thoughts on “Still Around & Wishing Everyone Well

  1. That’s a wonderful post, P.H. Times like this should make us slow down and consider the people and the blessings in our lives. A very uplifting message, and a time to lift our loved ones and our world in prayer.

  2. I had surgery two weeks ago I am a
    Senior and live alone. I got into reading
    Fantasy books about a year ago. I
    Enjoy the adventures and it has kept me
    Occupied. I am thankful that my son lives 10 min. From me and has helped with groceries.
    I know that I am happy to have a son
    Who watches after me. This is certainly
    Not something that I ever thought in my
    Lifetime that I would’ve going thru.
    I wish every one should be safe and stay
    Healthy. It is going to get worse before
    It gets better.

  3. Very heartfelt post, P. H. My husband and I were discussing this situation over the weekend. Good can come from this. Maybe we’ll all slow down more and stop to thing about what’s really important. Prayers for you and your wife.

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