Thursday – A Little Personal Eternal Road – The last stop Cover Reveal

Here’s the cover of a paranormal book coming soon from John Howell.

Fiction Favorites

“Yes, Lucy, what is it?”

“Haven’t you been working on a new book?”

“Yeah, I sure have. The formatting is done. The cover is done.”

“Why isn’t the launch done?”

Eternal Road

“Well, the book is different from my previous ones.”

“It’s not a thriller?”

“No, it is a bunch of things.”

“Like what?”

Eternal road

“It has touches of inspiration, paranormal, metaphysical, time-travel, adventure, mystery, justice, and the supernatural.”

“Sounds like the kitchen sink.”

“It is the kind of story that has a lot of elements, but hopefully, the common theme of good challenged by evil will be an enjoyable read.”

“So when is the launch?”

Eternal road

“I’m planning for the first week of September.”

“Why wait?”

“I need to set up the launch plan.”

“Which includes asking for volunteers, right?

Eternal road

Nice segway, Lucy. I am looking for some volunteers to host the launch announcement. Each post will be unique and, hopefully, no more than one a…

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