Read Guardian of the Crown by Paul J. Bennett @pjbennettauthor #EpicFantasy #Fantasy #SwordandSorcery

Read Guardian of the Crown by Paul J. Bennett @pjbennettauthor #EpicFantasy #Fantasy #SwordandSorcery

Title Of Book: Guardian of the Crown (Heir to the Crown Book 11)
By: Paul J Bennett
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Sword & Sorcery


Victory is theirs, but are they safe?

With the dark host defeated, peace finally descends upon the war-weary land. Even as the fragile truce keeps conflict at bay, each kingdom must deal with rising tensions within its own borders.

An arranged marriage in the Clanholdings promises to bring an end to centuries of in-fighting, but only if ancient animosities can be set aside.

Opposition erupts against Alric as the Weldwyn earls gather to select their new king, threatening the shattered realm’s future.

After an untimely death in Merceria, a new claimant to an old title forces the queen to choose between friendship and the law of the land.

As hostilities increase on all fronts, a new danger emerges in the east. Can they look beyond their inner turmoil to realize the true threat, or are they sowing the seeds of their own destruction?

Follow the trail of mystery and suspense as Guardian of the Crown, the next book in Paul J Bennett’s Heir to the Crown series, leads you deeper into the world of Eiddenwerthe.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “The tale flows effortlessly along, blending action, adventure and heartwarming scenes.”

5 Stars – “The characters you love in the books come to life in such a fabulous way.”

5 Stars – “Full of suspense, intrigue and action throughout the story.”

5 Stars – “I love the book, had me on edge, could not put it down!”

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5 Stars – “Action, Intrigue, Adventure, Romance and some twists.”

Where to buy Guardian of the Crown (Heir to the Crown Book 11)

Meet Paul J Bennett:

Paul J Bennett (b. 1961) emigrated from England to Canada in 1967. His father served in the British Royal Navy, and his mother worked for the BBC in London. As a young man, Paul followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the Canadian Armed Forces. He is married to Carol Bennett and has three daughters who are all creative in their own right.

Paul’s interest in writing started in his teen years when he discovered the roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons (D &D). What attracted him to this new hobby was the creativity required, the need to create realms, worlds and adventures that pulled the gamers into his stories.

In his 30’s, Paul started to dabble in designing his own roleplaying system, using the Peninsular War in Portugal as his backdrop. His regular gaming group were willing victims, er, participants in helping to playtest this new system. A few years later, he added additional settings to his game, including Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, World War II, and the all-important Fantasy Realm where his stories occur.

The beginnings of his first book, Servant of the Crown, originated over eight years ago when he began running a new fantasy campaign. For the world that the Kingdom of Merceria is in, he ran his adventures like a TV show, with seasons that each had twelve episodes and an overarching plot. When the campaign ended, he knew all the characters, what they had to accomplish, what needed to happen to move the story along, inspiring him to sit down and write his first novel.

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Paul now has four series based in his fantasy world of Eiddenwerthe. He looks forward to sharing many more books with his readers over the coming years.

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