Read The Rose Volume 1 by PD Alleva @PdallevaAuthor #SciFi #Fantasy #Thriller

Read The Rose Volume 1 by PD Alleva @PdallevaAuthor #SciFi #Fantasy #Thriller

Title Of Book: The Rose Volume 1
By: PD Alleva
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller
Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Dystopian, First Contact, Genetic Engineering, Science-Fantasy


Genetic Manipulation, Metaphysical Superpowers, Chemical Lobotomies, Rebellion, and Subjugation. Welcome to the future!

Aliens do exist. Vampires too. And in this dystopia, Alien Vampires exist.

In the aftermath of WW3, vampires from Hollow Earth have secretly forged an alliance with alien grays and the human elite to subjugate the human population in a quest for interstellar domination.

Phase One of their diabolical plan is to destroy their greatest threat: The human genome.

Now humanity is forced into reprogramming camps. Forced to endure genetic manipulation, torture, and vile psychological experiments.

But from the depths of time an age-old enemy challenges the vampire’s dominion. This evolved human rebellion is trained in the ancient alien practices of mind and body. Armed with The Blades, a sacred alien martial arts weapon, and wielding the metaphysical superpower known across the universe as The Rose, the rebellion seeks to stab at the heart of the evil triad, and usher in a new age of evolution.

When battling Alien Vampires, one thing is certain…Get Ready To Bleed!


Saiph had locked in on Sanos several times, but each time his location slipped from Saiph’s thought like a dream evading recollection. He wondered if Sanos was engaged in some kind of game, somehow knowing that Zeta had ordered Saiph to secure Sanos and not kill him. Sanos had to be taken alive; however, harmed would be fine to Zeta who revealed to Saiph prior to departure how the nine had grown leery of Sanos and his rebellious exploits.
“He’s become a liability,” Zeta had told him. “But there are questions the nine want answers to.” Saiph had always displayed the utmost respect for Zeta, but what he said next rattled Saiph to the bone. “Sanos has angered the greys. We must show our allegiance. This order comes from those far, far away. From our home.”
Saiph had so little information on their home planet. Dracs who resided on earth were born and bred on Earth as soldiers, living underground. None had ever seen their home planet. Home was as elusive to them as the human’s notion of God. And no Drac had ever succumbed to grey. Not that he’d ever seen. He’d thought Zeta was acting with discretion in his response to the grey Mono. And then the shift. The shift in energy. The shift in Zeta. He took Rygel’s life in response to Mono’s declaration. The response turned Saiph’s stomach.
Saiph sensed Drac pride swell in his chest and throat as he searched the fifth floor, down corridors, looked into rooms, and felt through his heart. But nothing! There’s nothing in these tunnels but foul smelling humans. The smell irritated him. Don’t they clean up their human feast? He surveyed another room, the third in this corridor. Blood stained the walls from the human lying dead on the floor, dismembered with his intestines torn and tossed from the open gut. Three rooms with three dead humans. Follow the blood trail. It must be Sanos.
Even to him such a sight was foul. He believed feeding should be kept clean with no blood wasted. Whoever did this is a true monster. Sanos! Is he truly as mad as they claim?
A scream erupted down the corridor. Saiph constricted, pondering the exact location. These walls reverberated sound; the scream could have come from either direction. Again the scream. Saiph looked up having located the source coming from down the corridor. As he passed each door he was aware they were all open. Human death, a familiar stench, grew wild and frenzied with his approach. Dismembered human remains glinted in the corner of his eye as he advanced to the door where the screams were coming. He leaned against the wall outside the door. Squeezed his palms freeing the blades down his arms. He was about to go through the door when it smashed open, torn off its hinges and slammed against the opposite wall. Following the door’s trajectory was a dismembered human, decapitated with its torso cut open. The body bounced off the wall and dropped to the floor with a thud.
Sanos sprang from the room, his feet bouncing off the wall where the door had been torn to pieces. He propelled to the opposite wall, twisted and turned then landed, his back to Saiph. He’d never seen such a massive Drac. Sanos was colossal, standing silent in the hall, creeping his head around towards Saiph.
He took one look at Sanos and knew immediately.
This may be more difficult than I thought!

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When Sanos looked at Saiph, for the first time he knew that COR had arrived. This tattooed freak was sent to destroy. He saw inside Saiph, heard his heart jump, and his blood stiffen. Sanos licked the blood off his chin, turning to face Saiph, shaking his head.
“You should have stayed in Colorado,” Sanos told him. “Nothing here but death and abominations.”
Despite his transformation, Sanos felt a strange unsettling sensation bubble in his gut. With that last human he had to really tear into him to satisfy his desired effect. Even bouncing off the walls like he’d been doing required an unusual amount of strength. The simple fact that he never heard or sensed Saiph brought the revelation that the pill’s effects were dwindling. How fast it would be gone he wasn’t sure, nor did he know what would happen once the pill dissipated.
“You’re a disgrace,” Saiph said and stepped away from the wall. “The only abomination I see here is the one I’m looking at.” Saiph shook his head. “What’ve you done to yourself?” He stood firm. “What manner of Drac does this to his food? Every room here is the same. Simply speaking, Sanos, you’ve lost your mind.”
Sanos moved his head slowly back and forth, grinding his jaw. A taste like acid saturated the back of his throat as he sneered to push it away. “To myself?” he snarled and laughed. “We Dracs are the experiments under this…” his eyes turned to the ceiling. “Hellish lab. The nine care not for us. We’ve been thrown out like that human lying at your feet.” His voice stuttered through a garbling of acid and blood. “Research?!” He spit. “Our people have turned us into rats for their research and prodding.” He breathed hoarsely then shouted; “Don’t think they won’t do the same to you!”
Saiph glared at him. “Don’t think I won’t kill you here and now.” He stretched his neck popping and cracking tendons and bone.
Sanos returned the stare. “Don’t think I won’t eat your heart.”
He rushed at Saiph, blade grinding against blade, and seized Saiph’s throat, tossing him backward against the wall. Saiph bounced back with a kick to Sanos’ sternum, the force backing Sanos away. He came back with a blade that Sanos caught with his own. Sanos delivered a left hook across Saiph’s jaw, his blade sliced across the back of his cheek. Sanos retaliated, sensing weakness, but Saiph was fast catching the next blade and stomped his boot across Sanos’ right knee. Sanos bent to the floor then jumped with an uppercut, grabbed Saiph’s head and crushed it face first into the wall. Saiph returned with an elbow to Sanos’ chest, climbing the wall and jumping upside down behind Sanos, wrapping his arms around his throat and squeezed. Sanos slammed the back of his head into Saiph’s face, felt Saiph release his throat with a grunt. Sanos sidestepped, took hold of Saiph’s armor, spun around with him and tossed Saiph down the hall. His body landed with a thud and slide but he jumped up quickly, on guard again.
“Wretched fiend!” Sanos shouted pumping his fist into his leg, attempting to revive the damaged limb, still feeling the kick to the knee.
Saiph stood erect, unwavering. “You grow weaker by the second. I can sense it in your fury.” He moved his head back and forth. “No matter what you do, Sanos, you will not win this fight.”
“Impotent fool,” Sanos raged. “Can’t you see? You call yourself Drac yet you stand by and allow your brethren to be treated like animals. Where’s your rage in that?” Sanos jumped at him meeting blade to blade consecutively.
Saiph spun around slicing across Sanos’ right shoulder, the blade cutting through his armor. Blood jutted from the wound, dropping Sanos’ shoulder limp by his side.
Saiph approached with the stealth of a seasoned predator, sensing the weakness in his prey, registering the surprised stare in Sanos’s eyes. Saiph lifted his arm, displaying his blade. “Upgrades,” he said, “New steel provided by the home planet.” His eyes lit up. “Cuts right through Drac armor.”
Sanos huffed through labored breath, a low grunt wedged in the back of his throat. “Another blasphemy against our people.” He stepped back, cautious, favoring his injured arm. Saiph continued his approach.
Sanos spun to his right to use his left arm for protection as Saiph escalated his attack. Sanos was able to ward him off. Three throws from Saiph’s blade chinked against Sanos’ blade. As the blood ran from his shoulder, Sanos’ strength drained from his body. He hobbled backward and Saiph crushed his boot into his chest, dropping Sanos to the floor. His neck twitched and his head rocked against cement, bouncing off the hard concrete. His eyes dropped, seeing through eyelid slits, watching as Saiph came over him.
“All too easy,” said Saiph.
And then, darkness.

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Saiph crouched beside the defeated unconscious Sanos. He tied his wrists and ankles with Drac metal handcuffs then wiped the blood from his nose. Touched the back of his cheek where Sanos had caught him, blood stained his fingertips. A groan erupted from Sanos’ throat as his body started to change. Those long sharp fangs contracted, morphing to their original size. Even his frame contracted. Saiph’s forehead crinkled, witnessing the transformation.
“Unnatural!” he said, studying Sanos, his body shrinking. Saiph shook his head, whispering, “What’s become of you?”
Saiph stood, removing a small mechanical device from his belt and clicked the side button. On the surface Zeta was projected.
“Do you bring good news, Saiph?”
“Sanos has been secured.”
“Excellent. Bring him and the others to the pit. I’ve requested our ships return so we may begin processes towards departure. All above ground have been wiped out.”
Saiph paused, distracted by what he’d witnessed.
Zeta registered Saiph’s expression. “What is it, Saiph?”
“Sanos,” he said. “There’s more than we know. He…he’s changed form.”
“Clarify please, Saiph.”
“Hard to explain. He…he changed, in front of me, like a werewolf or shape shifter, I don’t know how else to explain it. He looked one way and the next he changed form. I don’t believe we should keep him with the others. There may be a residual effect.”
Zeta tightened his jaw.
“Secure him alone for now. Report to me in the pit. We must inquire further.”
“Acknowledged.” Saiph clicked the machine and Zeta disappeared. He replaced the device on his belt, watching Sanos whose breathing turned shallow. His eyes seemed to shrink beneath his cheekbones. Saiph crouched down, held his hand over Sanos’s pelvis, the Drac pulse registering health and balance.
Weak! “Like you’re dying.” His inquiry brought him to search Sanos, finding pills in a hidden pocket on his belt. He studied the blue pills. “Is this what they gave you?” he said, whishing Sanos could answer. “Nine pills.” Saiph breathed deeply, closed his hand, gentle but firm around the pills. His head down, thinking, observing Sanos, his hand shook as he gritted his teeth. Saiph secured the pills inside his belt pocket. As he hoisted Sanos over his shoulder, he couldn’t stop the thought,
If they’re poisoning Drac they must all die!
Grey and human alike.

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What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “This ambitious novel plays unashamedly in the pulp-SF sandbox. A conspiracy maven’s dream, packed with gory alien-vampire action.”

5 Stars – “An action-packed no holds barred adventure with cinematic flair.”

5 Stars – “I’m a huge fan of sci-fi horror and this book doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great read.”

5 Stars – “Forget what you know about vampires and prepare to get a new bite from the tastefully different rules in The Rose Vol. 1. Fantastic recommendation for fans of vampire, fast-paced action, heart-racing, and dark-themed novels.”

5 Stars – “Everything about this book was so fresh I couldn’t put it down. I ended up reading it in one day because the world was just so easy to get lost in that I didn’t want to leave it.”

Where to buy The Rose Vol 1

Meet PD Alleva:

PD Alleva is an alternative fiction author. His novels cross genres, blending mystery, conspiracy, psychology, and action with horror and dystopian science fiction. Alternative fiction is PD’s attempt at describing what readers uncover in any one of his books, a new discovery towards mainstream storytelling. He’s been writing since childhood, creating and developing stories with brash and impactful concepts that he would describe are metaphors for the shifting energies that exist in the universe. PD exists inside of his own universe, working diligently on The Rose Vol. III and exceptional horror novels. Be prepared for Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, PD’s upcoming horror thriller.

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The Truth is a weak thing. It has no power. The only power the Truth holds is the power we grant it.
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There are those who could defy the call and stand against the tide of violence and blood. Six paladins, chosen by Fortune, or so it’s claimed. They are like the moon or the stars—ignorant of the power they exert upon the world. They follow the path chosen for them, and if their passing brings joy or sorrow, they know nothing but their journey.
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