Read The Heir of the First Tower by Nicholas P Adams @NicholasAWrites #EpicFantasy #Dystopian #SciFi

Read The Heir of the First Tower by Nicholas P Adams @NicholasAWrites #EpicFantasy #Dystopian #SciFi

Title Of Book: The Heir of the First Tower
By: Nicholas P Adams
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dystopian, Genetic Engineering, Mind Uploading, Science-Fantasy


Set in Pirth’Vee Grah, a world where one stays on top of the food chain by flying higher than the creatures that would eat your wings as an appetizer, the technologically superior Ch’Hota and warmongering V’Jeeta clash over a precious resource while the altruistic Pra’Acheen takes neither side.

Forced to choose between the freedom to pursue a cure to White Claw, and his loyalty to father and flock, V’Jeeta High Prince-and budding alchemist-R’Venin must sacrifice more than he ever conjured before he can show his feathers in the Granite Spires again. And, after a lifetime hiding among the branches, Ka’Ala Ka’Ua-the last known survivor of the mythical Gir’Agit-is saved from solitude after she’s blown into the nest of strangers from the Bluewoods. The Windfather has her course laid out, but does she possess the faith to follow?
Can R’venin bring an end to the war and peace to the flocks? Can Ka’Ala trust the hearts of someone whose ancestors enslaved her own?
Only The Heir of the First Tower can answer these questions and more.


Ka’Ala’s wings lowered under his, tightening around his arms, the tips closing together over his feet. She took another deep breath, blowing it out slowly before taking another. “Do you think you’ll be happy with me?”
R’Venin’s head came up slowly. Raising a wing, he pulled Ka’Ala by the hand under and around to face him. She folded her wings in on herself like a shawl as she moved, her face tipped to the ground with eyes closed.
She moistened her lips as he took her by the hands and held them out. She spread her wings open like a curtain, revealing a lithe figure covered in nothing but a breechcloth and bodice. They shimmered in the moonlight unlike anything he’d ever seen. She chewed on her lip as he stepped between her hands, pulling them around and behind him. Their wings crushed on each other’s, weighing down on one another as if they stood within a cyclone of winter’s kisses.
She opened her eyes. Pearly irises, glowing like the three mother’s above, stared into his. Her face glowed under the moonlight as he lifted her chin with one hand, snaking the other to the small of her back. She opened her mouth, letting out a breath as he cupped her face.
He leaned down, brushing his lips on hers. “Yes.”

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What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “An outstanding, wonderfully complex new world”

5 Stars – “Adams has a fantastic storytelling ability, creating a magical escape in this new world.”

5 Stars – “From alchemy to war and love, this book has a little of everything.”

5 Stars – “This is an intriguing read that evoked a range of emotions for the characters on their journeys.”

5 Stars – “If you enjoy fantasy, stories of faith and family, and unique worlds, this is the book for you.”

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Meet Nicholas P Adams:

I grew up in the small, rural town of Boring, OR with my six brothers and sisters. After graduating from High School in Gresham, OR, I attended BYU-ID and received my Associate’s Degree in Pre-Med. After that, I returned to Portland, OR, and attended Portland State University, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology/Pre-Med before changing my career track to Architecture. I completed my second Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at Portland State University before achieving my Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT. After graduation, my wife and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where we adopted four children over the next eight years. For ten years, I lived in the Salt Lake City area, where I was an Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the League of Utah Writers. I currently reside near the gulf coast of Florida. ​ My other interests include movies, singing, and motorcycles.

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The Book

The Truth is a weak thing. It has no power. The only power the Truth holds is the power we grant it.
The might of nations rises and falls with the same, inexorable certainty of the oceans. Powers, unseen and unknown, push and pull, with relentless determination. The currents that shape the world are easily ignored, until the waters rise, and the people drown.
In the Kingdom of Wahrheit, the tide has turned, and the water is rising.
A new ruler sits upon an ancient throne. Foreign nations, for centuries cowed by the strength of Wahrheit’s dragons and her armies, rise in defiance to throw off the old order. Fae, some thought to be nothing more than myth, stride Wahrheit’s fields and her council chambers. Within the kingdom, there are those who see the disruption as weakness, and weakness as opportunity. There are wrongs to be righted. Blood to be spilled. All in the pursuit of revenge.
There are those who could defy the call and stand against the tide of violence and blood. Six paladins, chosen by Fortune, or so it’s claimed. They are like the moon or the stars—ignorant of the power they exert upon the world. They follow the path chosen for them, and if their passing brings joy or sorrow, they know nothing but their journey.
That is the Truth. Their fate. Unless they can shatter the bindings of ancient law and forge a Truth of their own.

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