Read The Chosen Rainheart by Bader M Alsadeqi #EpicFantasy #DarkFantasy #Adventure #PHSolomonBlog

Read The Chosen Rainheart by Bader M Alsadeqi #EpicFantasy #DarkFantasy #Adventure #PHSolomonBlog

Read The Chosen Rainheart by Bader M Alsadeqi #EpicFantasy #DarkFantasy #Adventure #PHSolomonBlog

Title Of Book: A Chosen Rainheart (Daedalusian Legends Series)
By: Bader M Alsadeqi
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Action & Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Science-Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery

In the magical rich world of Daedalus, there is a dark and immutable cycle fueled by the everyday evils practiced by the Humans, Elves, Beastfolk, and all races who inhabit the continents of the mortal world, due to an irreversible curse that will unknowingly and forever be passed on to their descendants, just as they had inherited it from their ancestors. Eventually, when the cycle comes full circle once more, the world will be reminded of the necessary punishment it shall suffer once again, bringing fire, decay, and death across the globe.

This is the story of Aurum Rainheart, a half-breed nobleman first tasked by the young queen of his homeland to personally request aid from an allied kingdom, after the queen’s fiancé was forced to flee with many of his people from their province, where an unholy plague was unleashed by dark forces. But this is merely a prelude to something far greater than anyone could imagine, as Aurum journeys across the vast regions of the continent to uncover the forgotten secrets and revelations of the world that will pull the people through the darkest period, or at least as much of them as possible. To do this, Aurum must restore an ancient long lost gift to the common ancestral race by those who watch from above.

Many heroes join alongside the half-breed nobleman warrior, including his loyal spell-casting step-sister, their jolly, overweight, but strong cousin, two mercenaries of different races who share a deep bond, and a beautiful, ambitious sorceress with dark powers, whom Aurum would marry one day.

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An exciting and creative Epic Fantasy Adventure for fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, and Dragonlance, as well as books by Robert E. Howard & R.A. Salvatore.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “A world rich in characters and lore, fantastical creatures, and all manner of races of beings.”

5 Stars – “A complex and well-developed world, great characterization, mystery & magic, and epic battles abound in this tale.”

5 Stars – “Very good epic fantasy novel with great worldbuilding and cool characters/races.”

5 Stars – “This is the sort of fantasy that I live for.”

5 Stars – “Excellent read. Love the characters and the story is engaging.”


Meet Bader M Alsadeqi:

Bader M. Alsadeqi is an author from the Kingdom of Bahrain who enjoys writing. He studied at the New York Institute of Technology branch in Bahrain, and he believed himself to be an energetic, and hard-working individual, who always perseveres in whatever challenge or obstacle he faces.

As an author who aims to write action-adventure, fantasy, and science fiction stories, he wishes to combine traditional and familiar tropes and elements with new ideas to tell stories based on the interests of Fantasy & Sci-Fi fandoms.

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