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Title Of Book: Night’s Reign
Series: Curse of the Fathers Book 1
By: Daan Katz
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dark Fantasy


A floundering priest. A woman in a wheelchair. An ancient curse.

On the run from a cursed king and his army of assassins, priest Niels Bosch seeks sanctuary in rural Briscona. What he gets is a barrage of intimate and unsettling questions from his new cantor, Beldenka Nadinov. Questions he can’t risk answering.

Accompanied by his friend and bodyguard Mikhandor, and Bel’s protector Leks, the pair set out to challenge the mad king. But Bel has a dark secret of her own – a secret that could endanger the entire mission.

When Niels unearths the chilling truth and realizes there’s much more at stake than just his life, it’s too late to turn back. He must lift the curse and end Night’s reign forever.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “I so enjoyed this book!!!”

5 Stars – “The interactions between the characters was wonderfully built as the story progressed.”

5 Stars – “It’s brilliantly done, keeping the classic elements of the fantasy genre in tact, while at the same time taking the biggest tropes and turning them upside down.”

5 Stars – “Great characters in an interesting world.”

5 Stars – “This is literary fantasy fiction and is a gem in its rarity of style.”

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Meet Daan Katz:

Born in 1963, as the second of three children, Daan grew up in The Hague, the Netherlands. From a very young age, Daan has been enchanted by stories, and it was only natural for him to start writing his own as soon as he realized that he could.

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