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Title Of Book: To Renew The Bond
Series: The Mind Melded Book 1
By: Carol Buhler
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Science-Fantasy


One world. Three intelligent species. When they collide, will tolerance or panic prevail?

Joedon inherited his people’s leadership position but refuses to pick up the reins. To him, the Council’s stupid anxiety about the humans killed his parents. But without his rule, his people develop a lethargy that will lead to their extinction. And the Council is ignoring internal warning signs for fear of being revealed.

When a daring rescue exposes his people’s existence to the settlers, he’s charged with treason and execution by his own. Shocked by their drastic reaction, he resolves to regain his people’s trust, take back his command, and seek help from the ones they fear.

Can he find the tact to keep his world from being eradicated?

To Renew the Bond is book one of the dramatic Mind-Melded Epic Fantasy. If you like shrewd, telepathic beings overcoming prejudice and fear with wit and guile, then you’ll love To Renew the Bond.


“What the…” I started to say. A guard was sprinting toward me shouting “Halt!” Instantly, I shifted my image from an adult human man engaging in a football game into a doddering old one struggling across the open grassy area of the park.
As the guard got closer, he seemed to hesitate, then stopped. “Get out of here, old man,” he ordered. “You almost got arrested for playing football!”
I shook my head and snorted. “Football! You’re crazy!”
As I hobbled away, I saw the guard glance back at his troop starting to herd the other players off our makeshift field. When he jogged back to join the rest, I relaxed and switched my image to a street vagrant, barefoot and ragged, prepared to sneak after the guards. They escorted my friend Raedon, as well as the other humans we’d surreptitiously joined for an informal game, out of the park and onto the streets.
“Why doesn’t he do something to escape?” I muttered as Raedon didn’t make an effort, seeming to go along with the guards willingly. The humans were arguing and attempting to yank their arms out of guard clutches. “Chut, Raedon. Do something!”
As the troop approached a corner where a farmer’s market had set up—⁠flimsy stalls holding fruits, vegetables, and breads—⁠I dashed forward, snatched an apple, and tipped over the end stall. It crashed with a racket, the farmer screamed, “Stop, thief!” and I hid behind a broad tree trunk, waiting for a chance in the confusion to grab Raedon and disappear.
He didn’t try to jerk away and not a single guard even glanced at the still shouting farmer.
“What?” I couldn’t understand why none of the supposed peacekeepers reacted.
Dropping the stolen apple, I continued to trail the troop, mumbling imprecations at my friend. The guards manhandled their captured players into the prison itself and the heavy metal door clanged shut with finality, locking Raedon out of my sight. I stared and muttered into the empty space around me, “What do I do now? I have to get Raedon out of there.”
Deciding to return to the market to see what I could learn about the guards’ strange behavior, I stopped by the angry farmer struggling to gather his scattered produce, changing my illusion so he’d see just another farmer. Reaching down to help him collect some potatoes, I asked. “What was that all about?”
“That thief?” The farmer straightened, pressed big hands into the small of his back, and grunted. As he shook his head, a wave of disgust crossed his tired face and his words rumbled. “Happens all the time, lately. The guards are no help. They’re too busy arresting football players and hauling them off to prison for six days.”
Six days!
“When did they start doing that?”
“About a week ago, after some young man, son of one of the Lord’s guards, died from a head injury he got while playing.”
I couldn’t believe the timing. Raedon and I had only come to play a couple of hours among the humans to relieve his anger at the Council’s stupid actions. We can’t be gone six days.
I helped the vendor set up his cart and arrange his fruit while calling mentally for my mind-mate. <⁠⁠Lillith, everything’s gone wrong. Come get me so we can retrieve Raedon and go home.
Only emptiness returned.

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What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “A creative mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.”

5 Stars – “…the blending of sci-fi elements with fantasy hit the sweet spot for me!”

5 Stars – “Intelligent Reeth (Pegasi) bonded with humanoids – What’s not to like?”

5 Stars – “Fabulous magical horses that connect with humans in a fascinating way.”

5 Stars – “I absolutely love the world of Lillith and Joedon as well as all of their friends and relatives.”

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Meet Carol Buhler:

I spent sixty years working with horses in between being a wife, a mom, and having different non-equine careers (had to pay for the horses) until finally I could devote my full-time attention to them. Raising, training, and competing on various breeds in multiple disciplines, I considered myself a jack of all horse venues, master of none. I’ve traveled the US hauling a horse trailer with my one horse on the left side of the two-horse divider, the household furnishings on the right side, and the fishing boat tied to the top. My family moved to Texas from Colorado with my barrel horse and my son’s pinto pony in that same trailer and my daughter’s white Shetland poking her nose at the traffic through the stock racks of the pickup. And I’ve hauled a nine-horse trailer with living quarters over the mountains and across the plains or desert to wherever a horse show could be found. In Wyoming, I raised Appaloosas and went on cattle drives. In Colorado, I rode quarter horses to barrel races and Gymkhanas. In Texas, I exercised polo ponies and trained parade Palomino Walking Horses. Tennessee and California saw me compete in Eventing. I’ve ridden trails all over the west on everything from a Thoroughbred to a Draft Horse to a Mule. And when we finally settled in Utah, I not only competed in Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Polocross, and Combined Driving, I developed the Pegasus Event Center which has hosted competitions in all the above venues. However, I learned the most about horses from managing the Pegasus herd for over twenty years, at one time numbering 145 horses. They were competitive horses of every breed, from mustangs to miniatures to a $65,000 Lusitano. Every horse had a unique personality and was willing to teach something if a human would but listen. To share my wonder and love of this extraordinary species—⁠the horse—⁠I created Lillith and her world of the future, because I also love reading science fiction. On the planet Gareeth, telepathic winged horses, the reeth, are intelligent, loving, and infinitely tolerant. They dote on their human-like mind-mates, the don, helping maintain tempers, sharing hopes and dreams, and devoting their lives to support don endeavors. As a horsewoman, I would love to have a reeth at my side. Once my main character Lillith got ahold of me, she has not let me go. She demands that I share my horse knowledge in my stories through her, her friends, and her family. Currently, I live in Ecuador where I spend every day reading or writing. Unfortunately, riding has become a hobby of my past as I age.

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