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Title Of Book: The Cargo: A Shifter Space Opera (Prequel to the Spaceship Huey Adventures)
By: John Hundley
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub-Genre: Space Opera, Shifter, Colonization, Space Fleet, Cyberpunk

A forgotten hero desperate for work. A lost love reincarnated in a shapeshifting alien. What could possibly go wrong?

An outer arm of the Milky Way, 2420. Cliff Crane is just trying to get by with nothing. Four hundred years after saving the human race during the Vampire Wars, the legendary werewolf finds himself far from Earth with only the ghost of his ex-lover as company. Taking a lucrative job safeguarding a shipment of indentured alien shapeshifters, he believes life will get better… until one passenger takes the form of his high school crush.

Torn between the admonitions of the apparition in his head and the alluring temptation before his eyes, Cliff struggles to resist the lookalike girl’s pleas to set her free. But if he gives in, he’ll invoke the wrath of a powerful oligarch. And then there’ll be nowhere in the universe he can hide.

Will Cliff’s yearning to redo his past destroy his future?

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “Wow, what a way to suck you into a series.”

5 Stars – “Great story plenty of action.”

5 Stars – “This book really does have something for everyone!”

5 Stars – “Fun, Thought-Provoking Paranormal-Scifi Crossover.”

5 Stars – “A glimpse into an intriguing world.”

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Meet John Hundley:

At the tender age of 60, John Hundley converted a manuscript he’d been working on to a mobi file and emailed it to a friend, asking her to load it on her Kindle in her spare time and give him some feedback. A few days later he found a message on his phone. An excited voice said, “This is really good. I can’t believe it was written by someone who just all of a sudden decided to write a book!”

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It wasn’t. It was the culmination of a life-long dream.

John had been a lover of books even before he learned to read. His mother regularly read such classics to him and his brother as The Wizard of Oz and The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, and he came to love the pictures that would form in his head simply from listening to the words. He decided right then he wanted to be the one to write the words that would paint pictures in the minds of others.

He did write. In school he was always ready with an idea for a creative writing assignment, regularly published in the school literary magazines, and graduated the University of Georgia with the dream of writing and teaching science fiction at some major university.

But life got in the way. Things like marriage, a family software business, kids, and the very real necessity for a regular income. Over the years, he started writing projects time and again, but never finished. Gradually, the dream died.

Until, suddenly, in the fall of 2010, he found himself unemployed, divorced, and back in school. A thirty-year career writing software had come to an end when the economy went South and the company he was working for closed its local office and laid everyone off. It was a blessing in disguise. He had some time on his hands, and he had a laptop, and a lost dream was awakened.

He lives and writes in Salisbury, North Carolina, USA.

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Once a humble priest, now a tormented wanderer. Will Jordell Torvin succumb to his own corruption, or will he wield a divine destiny to save his world from despair?
Once a distinguished priest serving in the grand temple of Askela, Jordell Torvin now walks a very different path. Haunted by a vision of a sword that holds the power to prevent a catastrophic war, he has spent the last three years in pursuit of this elusive artifact, even as his magic use subjects him to a creeping corruption that is slowly eating him alive.

After rescuing a gravely injured Barbaraq, Jordell, alongside his ally Laith, makes his way back to the Forest of Opiya, hoping to reunite with old comrades. But the tranquillity of their former camp is shattered, embroiled in a brewing conflict with the mysterious fae who have emerged from the depths of the forest.

With every use of his magic, the corruption gnawing at Jordell grows stronger. And as the realm of Levanthria teeters on the edge of ruin, Jordell faces an almost insurmountable challenge. He must find the prophesied sword, bring peace to the warring factions, and halt his own decay—all while the fate of Levanthria is in jeopardy.

A Stone Of Destiny And Despair is the heart-pounding fourth book in the Tales of Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you delight in immersive world-building, multifaceted characters, and relentless quests, then you’ll be enthralled by A.P Beswick’s captivating tale.

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