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Title Of Book: Wyldling Trials (Wyldling Dream Book 2)
By: AR Grimes
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Coming of Age, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Swords & Sorcery


“Some birthday this is. All I get is a sword I can barely lift and a quest I’m ill-prepared for.”

Be careful what you pray for… because God just might give it to you.

Now that Annabelle has obtained her heart’s desire – to explore a fantastical world – she’s discovered it’s not the fun visit she expected. Not only is she stranded on Tehara, but her new friend, Enoch Northward, has disappeared and their dream connection is mysteriously severed.
Annabelle must embark on a journey with several others to get Enoch back despite her lack of knowledge and training to cope with the myriad perils of Tehara. She is determined to prove herself a capable member of the team. But how will she convince Commander Storm, who seems to disapprove of her being there at all?

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Meet AR Grimes:

Born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, A.R. Grimes began her writing career with “books” about dinosaurs in the second grade but moved on to writing fantasy after reading J.R.R. Tolkien and Madeleine L’Engle. The literary magazine of her alma mater, Carroll College, published her poems and short stories (Century Magazine, 1998-2001), and two of her works won awards. She is married to a martial arts enthusiast, they have two male offspring, and share a house with two cats who–of course–are the true overlords.

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The Book

Once a humble priest, now a tormented wanderer. Will Jordell Torvin succumb to his own corruption, or will he wield a divine destiny to save his world from despair?
Once a distinguished priest serving in the grand temple of Askela, Jordell Torvin now walks a very different path. Haunted by a vision of a sword that holds the power to prevent a catastrophic war, he has spent the last three years in pursuit of this elusive artifact, even as his magic use subjects him to a creeping corruption that is slowly eating him alive.

After rescuing a gravely injured Barbaraq, Jordell, alongside his ally Laith, makes his way back to the Forest of Opiya, hoping to reunite with old comrades. But the tranquillity of their former camp is shattered, embroiled in a brewing conflict with the mysterious fae who have emerged from the depths of the forest.

With every use of his magic, the corruption gnawing at Jordell grows stronger. And as the realm of Levanthria teeters on the edge of ruin, Jordell faces an almost insurmountable challenge. He must find the prophesied sword, bring peace to the warring factions, and halt his own decay—all while the fate of Levanthria is in jeopardy.

A Stone Of Destiny And Despair is the heart-pounding fourth book in the Tales of Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you delight in immersive world-building, multifaceted characters, and relentless quests, then you’ll be enthralled by A.P Beswick’s captivating tale.

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