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Title Of Book:  ForeSender Blade
Series:  ForeSender Chronicles Book 4
By: Adrian Murphy
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Colonization, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Epic, Sword & Sorcery, Myths & Legends, Norse & Viking


A deadly confrontation. A new enemy’s brutal push for conquest. Will one planet’s quest for survival cause another’s doom?

Galindra faces an agonizing death. After a no-holds-barred fight against a vengeful mage, she battles an incantation’s sinister effects. But when an unexpected enemy bent on global domination captures a key fortress, will her powers be enough to protect her planet and save her life?

Struggling to keep her sanity, Galindra seeks help from beyond the interstellar void. Chaos ensues as bonds of blood and friendship are tested like never before, and she fears her homeworld and family could be hopelessly fractured.

Will a relentless adversary’s unremitting hatred lead to the destruction of all Galindra holds dear?

ForeSender Blade is the engrossing fourth installment in The ForeSender Chronicles epic fantasy adventure series. If you enjoy quests to find lost loved ones, courage in the face of formidable foes, and loyalties strained to breaking point, then you’ll love this thrilling novel by Adrian Murphy. Perfect for readers who like a touch of hi-tech with their fantasy.

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Chapter 1 ~ Deceptive Appearances

Planet Calistra

Galindra-dragon swooped toward the surging throng of warriors. Sunlight glinted off her copper-hued scales as flames danced around her snout. She prepared to incinerate the newly arrived trolls emerging from beneath the forest boughs near the beleaguered fortress.

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She and Captain Naylor had seen Ferlinda safely reunited with her father, Denoth, at the Earth expedition’s forward base. The little girl appeared none the worse for her captivity in the deserted mountain fastness, where she’d been held by the chitheon, the ancient entity that had taken control of Major Dane.

Galindra had been impressed with how Ferlinda had resisted the creature’s attempts to shatter her nascent mental defenses, while secretly using the sensing stone to issue a plea for help.

After escaping the shared illusion—in the process defeating a horde of undead warriors with the assistance of Naylor and the healer, Enndez—Galindra’s first priority was to ensure the girl’s safe return. At the Earth base, she learned that Castle Westling was under attack and morphed into her dragon form, intending to fly to the aid of her brother, Salith, and the stronghold’s defenders.

Naylor had promised to follow in one of the Earthers’ flying conveyances, saying he would bring a squad of marines to back him up and lend support to the friendly onworlders who were the Earth contingent’s allies.

Galindra reached Castle Westling in time to hear a strident horn call echo across the battlefield, as tall figures appeared at the tree line. Trolls. Many of them. A cry of dismay resounded from the castle’s garrison, whereas the besiegers let loose with a throaty cheer and clashed swords and spears against their bloodied shields.

A pang of sorrow pierced her heart as she soared overhead. She uttered a mournful sigh—the sound like air passing through an enormous set of fireplace bellows—gazing down at the mangled bodies littering the once peaceful fields. So much senseless death, lives taken in their prime, and for what? So Lord Branrick could press his dubious claim to the throne of Birthon. Was his lust for power—fueled by misplaced grievances and a lingering sense of grief over the premature passing of his wife—sufficient to justify the loss of so many young men and women?

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And if his son, Kennoreth, sought to further his own ambition by aiding his father’s rebellion, the outcome would only be more bloodshed. Even if Branrick were to succeed, how long before another rival stepped forward to avenge King Milesta and attempt to wrest the crown away from him?

She gave herself a mental shake, bringing her focus back to the conflict spread out below her, and glimpsed Salith standing alone next to the fortress’s open gates. He spotted her and gestured to attract her attention, motioning toward the newcomers. A wrathful growl rumbled in her chest, and she narrowed her eyes, fierce resolve sculpted in the set of her massive jaws.

Well-timed sister-mine, came the thought insinuating itself into her mind.

Meet Adrian Murphy

Adrian Murphy traces his love of fantasy and storytelling to growing up in Ireland, where castles and history abound. He once lived in a town near Dublin with a tall stone tower built by monks in the 8th century as a refuge from marauding Vikings. Today, he makes his home close to the beautiful shores of Lake Huron, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, along with his cat, Mr. G. Favorite authors include Lindsay Buroker, Brandon Sanderson, Tolkien, Heinlein, and Terry Pratchett. Their influences—and many others from fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery—inspire his stories.

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