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    1. Thanks, I’m going to be checking in as I can this week but I’m in a training course for work so my time’s more limited this week.

  1. I tried to follow your blog, but your site keeps telling me I need to enter a valid email. This is the same email I use for all my correspondence for literary things, and all other sites have no problem seeing my email as valid. I don’t know why your site is rejecting it. I guess I can find scrivener related new elsewhere.

    1. I’m not sure what the problem is either since other people are signing up without problem. I see that you are on – have you tried just following the site from WordPress? If you really want to subscribe by email send me the email address to my email using the address posted in my contacts and I will investigate the issue with WordPress. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. I don’t know what the problem was…I was using the iOS WordPress app. I would think it would let me follow from inside the app. Anywho, I used my computer and was able to successfully follow you through the web interface, so all is good.

  2. PH, I saved a piece some time ago and I think it was from your page. I want to reblog it and attribute it to the author. Can you take a look and tell me if this is yours? Thanks!

    ***Instead of spending money and energy entering contests and facing one disappointment after another, my advice to writers would be to focus 101% of their attention on improving their craft. Join and participate in a good critique group, write a lot (daily), and read a lot. Hang out with writers more advanced than yourself. Recognize that for most people it takes years and hundreds of thousands of words to become proficient. When your work is good enough, the chance that your query will get an agent’s attention is far higher, and you can query agents for free, without entering contests.

    In the case of self-publishers–and again, only if they’re at a stage where their work is of real worth–there may be more reason to consider some judicious spending. Goodreads giveaways, money spent on early print ARCs and mailings (do your ARCs at least four months before publication), promotional postcards, etc. Amazon reviews help, but as people become increasingly wary of them, their value has diminished. Nor do free giveaways via Kindle Select have much value anymore, since everyone’s Kindles are loaded with free books, most of them junk. My advice would be to focus on spreading word-of-mouth on your book. Hosting a well-attended, well-thought book launch party with a reading may be money very well spent: if you can get thirty or forty people enthused and pumped over your book, they can evangelize in a way no advertising will. It’s all about building momentum, and the self-publisher can’t stay still for long. Most of all, don’t forget to start on the next book right away, and staying within the same genre or writing series will definitely help.***

    1. Can’t say that this quote is mine though I do agree that contests are mostly wasted money since very few people read and the cost is usually high with little guarantee that they contest judges even see the book. Check the writer’s beware site for comments about award contests.

      1. Hey, P.H. In the past, I’ve learned some helpful things from you. I thought this was one. Thanks for writer’s beware resource.

      2. That’s a really good site and helps you think more clearly about what you do. Victoria is fantastic. She also has a FB page that’s good too.

  3. I loved broken arrow series .!!I’d recommend this to all enjoy swords m sorcery .Sandy Florida

    1. Thanks, Sandy. Glad you enjoyed the series. If you have a chance, please leave reviews since it can help others discover the books or share the Amazon pages on social media. You are welcome to join me on Goodreads where I have a private group for fans

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