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email: ph at (to avoid spammers so put in the @ symbol)

Twitter: @ph_Solomon


Google+: P. H. Solomon

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Goodreads: P. H. Solomon

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    1. Thanks, I’m going to be checking in as I can this week but I’m in a training course for work so my time’s more limited this week.


  1. I tried to follow your blog, but your site keeps telling me I need to enter a valid email. This is the same email I use for all my correspondence for literary things, and all other sites have no problem seeing my email as valid. I don’t know why your site is rejecting it. I guess I can find scrivener related new elsewhere.


    1. I’m not sure what the problem is either since other people are signing up without problem. I see that you are on – have you tried just following the site from WordPress? If you really want to subscribe by email send me the email address to my email using the address posted in my contacts and I will investigate the issue with WordPress. Thanks for letting me know.


      1. I don’t know what the problem was…I was using the iOS WordPress app. I would think it would let me follow from inside the app. Anywho, I used my computer and was able to successfully follow you through the web interface, so all is good.

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