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8 Milestones Met This Week

This week has been one for milestones as a writer – some big and some minor. Here’s a list:

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

1. Published my first e-book, The Black Bag as a complete DIY project. The book is on the premium catalog on Smashwords and now available on Amazon. I think those are several milestones there.

2. As part of my first DIY project I created my first coverart.

3. Also as part of my DIY project I formatted my first e-book.

4. In preparation for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign for The Bow of Destiny, I created my first video which is still a WIP.

5. As a minor milestone, I passed 1000 tweets.

6. Also another social media milestone will be passing 500 followers on Twitter.

7. I started my Pinterest account this week so I have begun pinning some of my work there like the cover artwork for The Black Bag and the video for The Bow of Destiny.

A picture included in my trailer.

A picture included in my trailer.

8. I’ve also had a milestone with the blog. If you’ve seen my older posts they had no pictures. With my book out and the trailer I am now able to use a few related pictures which improves the quality of my posts.

That’s all for the week. Now I need to get busy organizing my crowd-funding campaign and completing my current revision – not mention submitting some short stories.

What milestones, goals or accomplishments have you had this week? Share a comment below and also consider following this blog via email for a FREE copy of The Black Bag. I’m on Facebook, Twitter (@ph_Solomon), Pinterest & Google+ (

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What I Learned about Pinterest

Last weekend I went to a smaller, local writer’s conference. One of the workshops I attended was about social media, taught by Candie A. Price. While I knew a good bit of what she shared regarding Facebook and ‘Twitter there were other social media venues that interested me, one of which was Pinterest.

I don’t have an account on Pinterest and, honestly, at this point keeping up with the blog, Twitter & Facebook are as much as I have time to handle. Likewise, I don’t have much in the way of visuals to offer at the moment. But in the future, I plan to have artwork and other visuals available.

What am I writing about then? Well, marketing is the answer. Far be it for me to be an expert on Pinterest but here’s a great post I read today from Frances Caballo posted last month with tips for writers to use this form of social media. Take a look at the article when you get a chance.

So back to what I learned and my thoughts from the weekend. For those who use Pinterest this will not be new but there are plenty of writers who will learn something as I did.

  • Pinterest is not only great for visual content but linking to your sales pages. Readers want to see rich content and this is one way of funneling them to your product.
  • All other finds of artwork from screensavers to fan-art can be posted which is great for interaction with readers which improves customer experience.
  • Now that video clips can be posted on Pinterest it’s a great place to share a book trailer or, at the least, link back to your trailer on YouTube.

Indie publishing is all about reader discovery and that comes through the type of interaction found on Pinterest. As Candie indicated during the workshop, you do not need to be into everything. Start with a few types of social media and branch out gradually. I’m in no hurry to be on Pinterest this week but over the next few months you’ll see my link to it appear on this blog and elsewhere in my brand. My final thought is that this is great for linking into an online launch party and publicizing other news for those readers who enjoy visual content as much as written content.

Bonus: Here’s a link from Marc Guberti with his Pinterest tips!

Bonus #2: Candie Price shared another Pinterest link with me last night – take a look!

Are you on Pinterest already? How are you using it? What tips can you offer? Please share comments and let other readers know. Also, please follow this blog through email and folow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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