From Pre-Published to Published Pt. 1: Planning

Planning and executing a publishing plan is no small feat. As my readers, you get to ride along with me as I grow from a pre-published author into one who is published. You get to see my plans bear fruit as well as the mistakes along the way. Part of the plan with this blog is to give the fans a transparent view of the ups and downs of transforming into a published author.

In this first series of post is where I discuss my plans. I want to address the nuts and bolts behind the platform while the next post(s) will deal with book development to publication and the path I choose.

As you may have noticed, this website is under construction and this blog still has that new blog smell. I’ve started my author platform as part of the plan of travelling to published-land. These days an author needs exposure on the internet in a variety of ways. It takes developing your name like a brand which means consistency across several web formats. To that end, I have purchased my web-domain registration at minimal cost. This allows me to use a consistent web presence between my web site, email and social media.

However, as a pre-published author, my funds are limited so I have chosen the path of least expense – for the short-term. As this endeavor grows so will my internet infrastructure – especially this website. It’s no secret were my site is hosted by the logo appearing in the upper left of this page. Right now, I am running the site under the free offering from WordPress. This means that my choices for themes, etc. are limited unless I pay for them or upgrade my account. I’m willing to live with what I have for the near-term and grown when I can.

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When I do grow my web presence I will then have greater control over themes so there will be greater consistency between the website and various forms of social media. Getting there will be a milestone for my brand and a major step toward publication.

Likewise, my site and email hosting will likely change too. At that point I will have complete control of my web presence. I hope this will occur before the initial release of my first book so I can incorporate cover art into themes for both my website and social media accounts.

For now less is more but I have every hope of growing and those who follow along get to live the changes with me. Feel free to provide feedback and subscribe to my email list for updates. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on growing and author platform.

See you at the next post!



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