Calling All Indie Authors

Mark Shaw, you’re my hero!

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When you hear the phrase “Indie Author”, what do you think it means? Just a few years ago, people looked at the phrase as meaning, “An amateur writer who can’t get published by the Big 6 and so goes the self-publishing Route. Usually a sub par story for a select audience.”

Nowadays, the phrase “Indie Author” means that the writer is just as good as any mainstream author, but doesn’t have the finances for a big publishing firm and chooses a small press company instead. Oh yes, just because you’ve signed with a publisher, does not exclude yourself to be called an indie author. I had the same thought as above. I thought in order to be considered an indie author, you had to self-publish your book.

Before the Big 6

If your not familiar with the phrase, “The Big 6”, it’s the group of publishing houses that…

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