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lady with tool beltWhile watching an episode (accidentally) of Oprah’s Life Class, I came across an interview that she was holding with actress Gabrielle Union.  In the piece, Gabrielle was speaking about how, in her past, she was a true-life mean girl.  She would be so jealous of other women in the business, that she’d spread rumors, speak ill of them, just tear them down…for no reason at all…well, but for that thing called the green-eyed monster (and you all know how much I detest her).  It wasn’t the part about her jealousy that struck a chord in me, it was the moment she said a friend convinced her that it was time that she “worked on herself.”  The friend came over to her one day, in the midst of her tearing another woman down and pulled her aside.  The questions the friend asked, caused Gabrielle to take a hard look at herself.

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