P.H. Solomon and The Bow of Destiny on Tell Me a Story

I’m being interviewed today on Tell Me a Story! Listen in and then: Join the Hunt for The Bow of Destiny!

Annette Rochelle Aben

Friday, October 2nd, 1:30pm EDT ~ Take a young man, tragically orphaned at birth, present him with a strange document willing him a mysterious item and the tale that ensues becomes the book we are going to learn more about from author, P.H. SolomonIMG_4163-Edit

Today on Tell Me a Story, we welcome Birmingham. Alabama native, P.H.Solomon who recently released his first novel-length title,

BOD FinalThe Bow of Destiny. Tune in to learn more about the adventures of Athson (main character in The Bow ofDestiny), what drives P.H. Solomon to write his speculative fiction, as well as what in the world speculative fiction is in the first place!  Visit his web site at http://www.phsolomon.com/blog where you will find links to everything from his Amazon Author page to his many social media outlets. Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network and…

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  1. Hi,
    I was in the chatroom during your radio show. I asked a question to late and that was what big author would you compare your work to that people might get an idea of maybe a general style of storytelling or feel.
    Much Respect

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    1. Thanks for listening today! That’s a very good question and hard to answer since I’m looking up to all those big names myself. The book falls into the whole genre of epic fantasy that include Tolkien and more recently Brent Weeks and Michael J. Sullivan. But one that it falls closely in with is Russell Kirkpatrick who wrote The Fire of Heaven and The Broken Man trilogies. If you are looking for links to the book try the homepage. Thanks for visiting the site today. Feel free to ask more questions.


      1. I have a site for book review and interviews called LitWorldInterviews.wordpress.com I might put something out and wanted to give the readers something to compare to. I know it helps when a potential reader/buyer can get a frame of reference about style.

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      2. Some of my style may also be like Robert Jordan as well. If you want I can send you a presskit to help you with posting. DM me on Twitter with your email if you want that.


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