Connecting With Readers by #RRBC “Spotlight” Author, Beem Weeks.

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Natalie Ducey

I am thrilled to welcome Beem Weeks, Rave Reviews Book Club “Spotlight” Author, on the second stop of his blog tour.  Beem is RRBC’s REVIEWS CO-ORDINATOR, RAVE WAVES ASST. PRODUCER, and “BEYOND THE COVER” Show Host. He is an amazing, supportive member of RRBC and generously promotes fellow authors. I consider it an honour to shine the spotlight on him today.

With much joy, I introduce Beem Weeks!

beem pic

That Which Has Been, Shall Be Again – Connecting With Readers

As writers, most of us are thrilled to read reviews of our work posted on sites like Amazon, RRBC, and Koobug. Unsolicited, these words can spur sales of our books. They can also let us know where we lack in this craft we’ve chosen.

Then there are those messages that are of the personal nature, not intended for anybody but the author. I receive these every so often in the DM box of my Twitter account. These come from…

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