Sir Lancer Recommends – Episode #3 A Trilogy of Trilogies

Recommended trilogies from Sir Lancer via Dragons & Jetpacks! Reblogging on Archer’s Aim!

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  1. I’ve been seeing a lot about these books lately and am definitely interested in reading them. More to add to my already overcrowded ‘to read’ list!

    1. Mine is crowded too. I think I need to concentrate on finished a few before I add/start more. But these are interesting…

      1. I’m making a concerted effort to catch up on all the unread books on my shelf before getting any more. It’s really hard though, and the wishlist is getting longer and longer. I’m really looking forward to Brent Weeks new book coming out in a few months too, that’s definitely going straight to the top of the buy and read list.

      2. I’m waiting on that one too. It will go straight to the head of the line for me as well.

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