World Builders 3.0 – Level 0: “Why are you building this world?”

It’s the most important foundation of a fantasy novel so this is an important question. There are all kinds of reasons to build a world but knowing the whys of what you are doing makes all the difference. Reblogging on Archer’s Aim.

John Robin's Blog

Welcome to World Builders 3.0, an open-ended series that will run periodically on Fridays. For those who enjoyed the previous incarnations of World Builders, this next generation is going to zero in more on the process of world building itself while I work with fellow fantasy author and world building buff, Malkuthe Highwind to build through our posts a rigorous guide for fantasy world builders.

This week, to kick it all off, we start at the beginning, the question: where do you start?


John: So, my friend, I want to thank you for helping me set up my wiki. Finally, I have a wiki, where I’ll be formally building my world. We squashed lots of bugs to get things working and I’m excited to begin. The only thing is … where do I begin?

Malkuthe: That’s a bit of a tough question, I think, as far as world building goes…

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