The Excitement Never Ends: Four Secrets to Better Motivation

It’s the silent slide of many authors. How do you keep your head up with so much to do? Great advice on motivation and smart focus while writing. Reblogging on Arhcer’s Aim.


How does one rekindle that excitement one feels in one’s work? How does one revive one’s motivation?

Being a professional writer is about more than just writing. It’s about connecting with readers, sharing one’s work, putting it “out there” for readers to find and enjoy (and hopefully to buy, because let’s face it, writers need to eat too). It’s about motivation.

But “out there” can be a mighty big place and all the motivational posters, strategic marketing plans, goal-setting, and self-help gurus can’t always change how it feels to be an indie-author crying out in the wilderness. And the sense of desolation and desperation that stems from the difficulty of being heard can easily bleed over into one’s writing and one’s personal life, creating a downward spiral that ultimately leads to despair, despondency, and surrender.

So what to do?


Stop Caring Oh So Much

I know. You invested all…

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