It’s All About The Pace (6 Ways To Slow It Down & 7 Ways To Speed It Up) #wrtr2wrtr #amwriting

Trouble keeping pace? Here’s a list of ways to adjust pacing in your novel. I’m certainly going to keep these in mind as I continue the editing on my next book. Reblogging on Archer’s Aim.

Words Can Inspire the World


Sundays are glorious. Downy duvet hugs give way to gentle lazy, picnic lunches, big smiles and enthusiastic conversations. Our children kick off their shoes and take flight, giving their town limbs over to country trees and grassy slopes. Oversized glasses filled with chilled Rosé, shared with crunchy canapés adorned with perfect toppings. Some tart, some creamy, all bursting with flavor, hand crafted and produced by the domestic goddesses who are my friends. What can I say, I choose well? Flopped down in splotchy shade with hats and loafers and gentle breezes we spend long moments staring up at the clouds that drift by; dragons, rabbits, a solitary flower, pushed gently and quietly on their way to make space for the rest of parade.

Then, we fold away the blankets, round-up the dirty dishes and find the missing fork. We comment on what a waste juice boxes are and shake…

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