Author Spotlight – Heidi Angell

Here’s an interesting recent author spotlight for Heidi Angell on Timothy Bateson’s blog. Reblogging on Archer’s Aim!

Timothy Bateson (ramblings of an author)

Heidi Angell is a prolific writer, with several series already under her belt, and a number of projects on the go at any one time.  There is something for almost every reader of the paranormal in her collection, from the “Clear Angel Chronicles” (a paranormal detective series) to “The Hunters” (straight up urban fantasy).

I caught up with Heidi, by email, during a very busy time for her. But she was kind enough to take some time out from preparing for an upcoming release, and answer some questions. So without making you wait any longer, I’ll hand off to Heidi…

Introducing Heidi Angell

Heidi Angell is a bibliophile, lexicomaniac and wordsmith! She is the author of The Hunters Series, The Clear Angel Chronicles, and The Hell School Series. She also created Royal Prince Vince, and Creative Exercises to Inspire.

When she is not reading and writing, she can be found…

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