Month: October 2016

How to Defeat a Vampire – Anti-Glamour Tactics

Groucho glasses? Check! Now I have my costume ready!

Bookshelf Battle

By:  Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampireshutterstock_115841497 copy

Bleh!  Look into my eyes, 3.5 readers!

You are getting sleepy.  Very sleepy.  You want to do my bidding.  You want to be my obedient slave.

You want to give me your Netflix password.

Seriously, give me your Netflix password.  Vampires like House of Cards too.

Bleh!  Why are you laughing?  No wonder the Vampire League ousted me.  I can’t even glamour the 3.5 devotees of a substandard book blog.

But rest assured, other vampires are better at the ancient art of vampire hypnosis, better known as “glamouring” and if you’re not careful, you will become a vampire’s puppet.

Here are some tips to avoid being glamoured.

#1 – BE UGLY 

Look, let’s face it.  If you’re a vampire with glamouring powers, you’re going to go after the hotties.  I know.  It’s politically incorrect.  The bloodsucking damned should go after the less attractive as well…

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When You Realise Your Character is More Interesting Than You.. #SundayBlogShare #Writer

I think unnamed character walking down the street in my work are more interesting than me…


When Your Characters More Interesting Then You-3

This can be an awkward moment for any writer and definitely worthy of a blog post.

There are several stages connected with realising your character is more interesting than you – the writer.

  1. The Character Creation Stage.You have exceeded your literary expectations and created an amazing newcharacter. She’s beautiful, sassy, funny, intelligent, a fashion trend setter, possesses some unusual magical powers, has a funky name and some lovable flaws. When she enters a scene all your other characters sit up and stare at her. You lean back in your chair and marvel at your literary abilities.
  2. The Fangirl Stage.You seek some feedback on your story and send your draft out for review or stick it on a writing platform. After a few weeks you start to get some responses. OMG – your reviewers love your main character! Actually they like this character so much they have started fangirling.

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