Allergies, Asthma, & Ailments in Fantasy

These are some good points by Charles Yallowitz. I used PTSD (or something close) in The Bow of Destiny. What about panic attacks? What about seizures? I’m sure there are a number of health issues that could be used in many ways to increase tension and push the envelop for more twists. Nice post!

Legends of Windemere

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While filling out all the school forms for my son, I began wondering about allergies and asthma.  You don’t really see these in fantasy settings.  I’ve yet to read about an orc that is terrified of bees because of an allergy.  Any character that is gasping for air is usually doing so because they are out of shape or been running for a very long time.  It never seems to be asthma.  Many people live with these problems, which makes it weird that they never show up in fantasy worlds.

Maybe I’m overthinking this and these are quirks that don’t really come into play or simply can’t exist.  I mean, you have magic that could cure it and when was the last time an elf chowed down on PB&J.  There may be a character who sneezes, says they have hay fever, and that’s all you hear about…

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