10 Things That Make Your Story UNREADABLE

This is a good list of issues with books. Many of these are no new but there are solid explanations of why a reader may be jolted out of your book.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

head shot your humble host

Unreadable to me, anyway.

Keep in mind that each reader brings their own likes and dislikes to your story, and not everyone will get it. What appeals to a custom cabinet maker in California may not be what appeals to a retired chemistry teach in Michigan, but they both might read your story.

But here are a few of the things that drive me up a wall, along with a few tips to correct them.

  1. SPELLING ERRORS. And not for the reason you think. Yes, it shows sloppiness and maybe even shows you really don’t know how to spell. They make your story harder to read and reading is done for pleasure, so it’s gotta not be difficult. Spellcheck is right most of the time. Use it. Write in Word and pay attention to what it underlines in red. Then copy paste into your blog…

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