Be my guest: Charles Yallowitz – How to Destroy a Champion

Charles Yallowitz has quite a list of books with his Legends of Windemere series. Here’s guest post about his latest book!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A big thank you to Sue for hosting me and letting me do a fun book promotion for Legends of Windemere: Charms of the FeykinThis is the 11th book of the series, but each story is self-contained enough that you can jump right into it.  Now, I was going to write about how . . . Sorry . . . Phone call.  Be right back.


Is he gone?  I saw some of the other characters do stuff like this, so I wanted to try.  This is a guest post, right?  I should introduce myself, but I’m a secret.  One of those pesky champions might read this and figure out who I am.  That would ruin my plan and revenge.  Although, I could just put a little trick on this and all those fools will see is a recipe for Strawberry Mushroom Parfait.  Disgusting treat that these Feykin…

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