Don’t let this suck the life from your story

Good tips for better blogging…

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Blogging that is!

You may notice that today’s blog is a bit late this morning. I’ve been busy. Writing, working or putting together my new picture book and playing. In other words living to become inspired.

It was after reading The Pitfalls of Blogging – What You Need To Know About Being a Better BloggerBY

I’ve discovered, when I allow myself to do this, I enjoy blogging more and hopefully am less apt to bore all of my readers.

Let’s face it; no one wants to read a million blogs on outlines. I mean, outlines by themselves are boring. And Lord knows the internet has enough hyperbole about politics no one needs another blog post on that subject. Oops, off topic. Sorry.

Now where was I? Oh yeah.

Blogging pitfalls.

Janice lists eightthings we need to…

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