The Druid’s cure

I got a good chuckle from this. It’s well-written and I also suggest that mustard you get at Chinese restaurants.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The bug had well and truly taken me by the throat; if speaking was bad, swallowing was well-nigh impossible. Still, sitting around wasn’t going to help. “What about the Druid?” As good an idea as any under the circumstances.

We drove through the hills, heading farther and farther away from the towns. Passing through the picturesque village of Stanton and skirting the moor where we knew there were stone circles, neolithic cairns, and legends of druids, we drove on to the near-deserted village that was our destination.

We were too early, so wandered up the silent main street and explored the forest pathway for a while until my companion checked the time. We headed back, under the baleful gaze of a black-feathered watcher, searching for the entrance; the Druid wasn’t making it easy.

Image result for Andrey ShishkinPainting by Andrey Shishkin

Once inside, we found ourselves in a small, low ceilinged room redolent of…

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