World-building: What Makes for a Great Fantasy Setting?

I think the plot governs what the fantasy world should be. That and a good map! The details enhance the story with twists, adventure and everything else.

John Robin's Blog

Welcome to November, and the “change of season” here on EFW. I hope you enjoyed our tour of crossing genres in fantasy. For the next few months, we’re going to explore the topic of world-building and what makes a great fantasy setting. You can look forward to some posts from our regular contributors on the topic, as well as a few guest posts from new authors I’ll be inviting onto the blog to do the World Builders 2.0 interview (here are some past posts to those not familiar with the series).

Look forward to posts on what makes a great fantasy map, how to delve into setting with world-building tools, and how-to posts on the world-building process from different writers. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

What is world-building?

World-building, also called worldbuilding, is the process of creating an imaginary world. Often this is done for the…

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