Dabbling with Science Fiction?

Excellent considerations for moving to another genre. However, I do see some writers doing well by focusing more on the story than the intricacies of technology. For me, I seem to have mainly fantasy ideas though I might be willing to dabble myself given time to research the science to some degree.

Legends of Windemere

Gandalf and Kenobi Gandalf and Kenobi

C.S. Boyack asked the following:

“You’ve made a big splash in fantasy, and danced around with paranormal. Are you going to take on science fiction any time soon? You’ve talked about super heroes, but I believe they had ties to Windemere.”

There’s a lot of ground to cover on this one and it’s hard to tell where to start.  I’m going to begin with my little fear of attempting science fiction.  When I was younger, this genre was all over the place and very beloved.  I don’t see it as often as before these days and I wonder if part of it is because of us becoming too critical.  Make one wrong move in science fiction and you’ll get crucified online.  ‘That type of technology wouldn’t work because of this’, ‘I want more realism in my fiction’, and so on and so forth.  People take this genre…

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