7 thoughts on “Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts (Part 5) – 9GAG

  1. Loved these tidbits!
    The barrow-wights always fascinated me, more so than some of the other creatures that populated Middle Earth. And oh, how I loved the relationship between Boromir and Faramir. Faramir was among my favorite characters in the books.
    BTW, great artwork with these, too!

    1. I agree about the artwork, Mae. Funny you are interested in the barrow-wights after writing about the Mothman and the igloo scenes. Are you a frustrated archaeologist?

      1. LOL. I think I would have enjoyed digging around for relics of the past.
        P.S….speaking of the Mothman. I saw your review of A Cold Tomorrow on Amazon. Thanks so much. I’m delighted you enjoyed my tale of creatures and UFOs!

  2. During my recent re-read of LotR I found it interesting that the personalities of Pippin and Merry were switched in the movies. It’d be fascinating to know why … seemed kinda pointless to me. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I thought that myself when I first watched the movie. Must have been something about how they portrayed them in later scenes.

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