Funny Mama – What happened to The Fellowship after the ring…

More LOTR for those who may not have read the books because the movie is a bit different…

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Source: Funny Mama – What happened to The Fellowship after the ring…

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7 thoughts on “Funny Mama – What happened to The Fellowship after the ring…

  1. I remember reading the LOTR trilogy in 10th grade (I read it before reading The Hobbit). It was my first exposure to fantasy, but I remember being sad how Frodo’s journey ended. I wanted more of an HEA for him. Silly romantic in me 🙂

    1. I always thought it ended well for him. Guess I just viewed it much differently. I read The Hobbit in about 4-5th grade and started LOTR in 6th.

      1. I didn’t even know that fantasy novels existed until my 10th grade English teacher gave me his copies of LOTR to read. Before that, I read a lot of sci-fi.

        I remember disliking that Frodo had done so much for Middle Earth and yet was unappreciated for that in the Shire. I still have mixed feelings about that ending!

  2. Getting my geek on here – 😉 Lurtz was only in the movie version of the Fellowship of the Ring. In the books (so official canon) it was Ugluk who led the contingent of Uruk-hai from Isengard to intercept the Ringbearer and he who killed Boromir.
    Ugluk was killed by Eomer on the borders of Fangorn forest as Merry and Pippin made their escape from the orcs.
    He’s also my favourite orc – a fairly honourable killing machine! 😀

    1. He was indeed a different character in the book. I don’t find him honorable at all, just doing what he was ordered to do by Saruman.

      1. It’s me being perverse – there’s a kind of warrior pride/bad boy thing going on there that’s appealing for some reason… 😛

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