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Stay strong, Staci. You’ll get there!

Staci Troilo

Time FliesYep. Forgive my brashness, but I’m quoting myself.

You ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right? When:

  • your dishwasher breaks
  • your daughter has a thousand dollars of repairs on her car only to have problems driving up to campus
  • your son’s schedule is messed up for the third semester in a row
  • your software apps are glitching
  • you discover the world’s largest hornet’s nest by your pool equipment and you have a debilitating fear of insects
  • you try to tackle your neglected to-do list only to discover everything is taking twice as much work as it should and thrice as much time?

You ever have a week like that?

I’m so behind, I hate for the week to be over already. I have too much to do. But I can’t afford any more problems, so I’m happy to be greeting the weekend. Optimism doesn’t come easy to…

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