Cover Reveal: Quantum Wanderlust

This is an upcoming anthology featuring stories from several author – take a look at the cover!

Staci Troilo

Quantum WanderlustI’m proud to reveal the cover for the sci-fi time travel anthology—Quantum Wanderlust.

Spring Forward, Fall Back.

That reminds you of changing the clocks, right? When we talk about the passage of time, it’s usually in short bursts (seconds, minutes, hours) or slightly longer chunks (weeks, months, years).

What if it was limitless? What if you could go forward or back, in any size segment you wanted? Decades, centuries, eons? Would you go back and change your life? Go forward and see your future?

That’s the challenge these writers faced.

AIW Press will soon release another short story anthology, and this time the theme is time travel. Characters travel forward and back—how far they went and how they got there make thirteen fascinating tales. Do they observe or interact? Is the outcome better or worse than the original timeline? You’ve got to read the stories and see for yourself. The…

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