Interview: P.H. Solomon, Author of Bow of Destiny (The Bow of Hart Saga)

This was a fun interview I took part in over at Lurking in the Shadows. Have a look!

Lurking In The Shadows

Book Cover Trilogy SM

Today on the blog, I am pleased to interview a great author.  P.H. Solomon is the author of the Bow of Hart Saga.  He is in the process of releasing the third book of this fine series, but has agreed to take some time away from his busy schedule to talk to us today.  Please give a warm blog welcome to P.H. Solomon!

Welcome P.H.!

Thanks for having me on the blog today.

So, can you please tell the audience about yourself?

I’m just a guy who has been a fantasy fan for many decades – really since I first read The Hobbit in grade school. I’ve read and enjoyed many fantasies over the years and worked on my own in fits and spurts over the years until I decided to get serious about my writing about 2010. At that point, I made a decision to re-work my initial effort…

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