Outline With Scrivener Without Outlining

Here’s the post for today from Story Empire – Scrivener and outlining!

Story Empire

At its heart, Scrivener as a writer’s development tool and that means it’s affective from the very beginning of a writing project. Let’s look at how to get started. Without even discussing it, Craig and I happened on the same general topic this week, just from differing places. It’s great that we happened on the same thing: begining a story with the basics, a starting point and outlining. It provides a great theme for the week and one which may well help other writers get through this early stage of story development without all the confusion and frustration and in less time.

Scrivener has several modes that you can use for various phases of your writing project development. Right from the start, you can use the simply and power means of outlining your work and quickly make some order of it. Gone are the days of writing up note cards…

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