4 Ways to Pack the Power of Scrivener into Your Series

Here’s the Story Empire post from today – all about Scrivener’s power in developing a series. Have a look!

Story Empire

Hello, Story Empire readers! Today, I’d like to cover a topic about Scrivener that may help a few of you out when you didn’t know you needed help. A while back, I wrote on this blog about using Auto-complete and Keywords. Today, I’m going to expand on those tools in regard to developing a series of books in Scrivener.

The best way to develop a series using Scrivener is to use a single project. This means you should create each book in the series within the series project. There are several reasons to develop your series this way:

  1. You have fewer projects to track. Much like I use Scrivener to develop a year’s worth of blogs in one project to reduce the number of them, having a single project for a book series is much easier to manage.
  2. You only have one set of development notes to juggle. If you’re…

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