Personality Types for Characters

Great post today on Story Empire by Mae Clair as she discusses character personalities. I need to use this more. Excellent job today, Mae!

Story Empire

Hello, wonderful SEers! Mae here with one of my favorite topics—personalities.

Some months ago I shared a post about using the Myers Brigg Type Indicator to determine your personality type. That post generated great discussion and seemed to be fun for everyone.

Genealogical tree on old paper background. Family tree in vintageI’m currently in the process of starting the second book in my newest series, and that involves devoting serious insight to my two main characters. Both played a smaller role in the first novel, Cusp of Night (shameless plug: coming June 12, 2018). 🙂

I know a bit about each character thanks to that introduction, but because they had minor roles, I hadn’t thoroughly examined what makes them tick. I know some background information on each, even detailed family genealogy, but the shift from B-players to A-players has me wanting to know more. Sure, I know what roles they’re going to play in the new novel, End of…

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