Book Cover Friday: The Last Days of Night

Mae Clair shares a couple of covers for the same book and commented what she liked about them as well as the book. See today’s post on Story Empire and share which cover you like best. I’m going with #1 in a close contest…

Story Empire

Happy Friday, wonderful SEers! Mae here with Story Empire’s first “Book Cover Friday” post of 2018. The idea behind this new rotating feature is to showcase covers that appeal to us. These don’t necessarily have to be books we’ve read, but from works that attracted us for one reason or another. What did we find compelling about the cover? Of course, we hope you’ll weigh in with your thoughts as well.

The old adage says not to judge a book by its cover, but I almost always do. Yes, I know that’s not fair, but I’m a visual person. Make a strong first impression with a great cover, and chances are I’m going to look farther. Naturally, we each have differing opinions on style and what draws the eye.

Book cover for The Last Days of Night by Graham MooreAs an example, I was intrigued by the moodiness of this cover with its suggestion of fog. The wash of smoky amber…

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