Spell Check ~ Best Friend or Worse Enemy

Joan Hall shares her thoughts on spell check today on Story Empire – I use it often as my fingers don’t spell as well as my head and my keyboard is just not always helpful…

Story Empire

Hi, SEers. Joan here. Today my post is a little more for fun than education. Having recently read and proofed a new release, I had to laugh at some of the things I had typed.

I’m a big fan of using spell check. It has saved me from making many mistakes and for that, I am grateful. We’ve come a long way from typewriters and correction fluid. I use grammar check to help me recognize things such as active vs. passive voice. One might say that spell check is a writer’s best friend, but…

I once considered myself a good speller. Now, I’m not so sure. I make frequent spelling mistakes—many of the same ones repeatedly. What’s worse, I find that I’m getting lazy with spelling. Why worry about getting it right when spell check will correct it? So can it also be my worst enemy?

Spell check isn’t always…

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