Month: February 2018

Free Book: Days of Endless Night

Just found out from fellow author, Matt Larking that his book, Days of Endless Night is free from now until 2/26.

About the Book

A dark fairytale retelling of the Norse legend of Tyrfing

Hervor’s sword cannot be sheathed without taking a life. She gladly pays the price in pursuit of the man who murdered her father and uncles.

She’s tracked him across the land and joined his crew, waiting for the chance to drive her cursed blade through his heart. But when they sail to an island where horrors stalk the night, her only chance for survival may lie in the hands of her target.

About the Author

Matt Larkin is an American fantasy and science fiction author. He lives in Florida with his wife Juhi and daughter Kiran. With a background in philosophy and publishing, Matt started a small press dedicated to top notch speculative fiction. He adores mythology and history, passions he conveys through his mythic fantasy novels.

The book is already well-rated, why not take a look, you might like it. Just click the cover or the link in the opening of the post!


Friday Book Cover: A few tricks

Thanks to Craig for the cover critique today over on Story Empire’s Friday Book Cover feature! Find out what he thinks of The Bow of Hart Saga covers…

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig here once more. Toward the end of last year we adopted a group of alternating topics for Story Empire, and when the debate was going on, I was probably late for class. My first friday assignment is to bring you something about cover art. I’m making this up as I go, but my idea is sound … if I can pull it off.

I’m going to pick on fellow Story Empire author, P. H. Solomon. This isn’t a blatant attempt to promote his work, but rather because he did everything so well here. Even so, I have to acknowledge his Bow of Hart Saga is outstanding, if you’re inclined to dig deeper.

One of the things to remember about visual arts is that the rules are more like guidelines. Sounds a lot like writing doesn’t it? Once upon a time, back when I could still buy Kodachrome…

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The Graveyard Girl and the Boneyard Boy, on #LisaBurtonRadio

An interesting show with Lisa Burton – click on over and have a look!

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you the characters from the books you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and today we’re going to talk about Craig’s new book–. Hold that thought, we have an early caller.

“Hello, caller. You’re on the air with Lisa. What’s on your mind, honey?”

“Oh, hey… I’m on? This is live? Wow, this is so cool — I love Craig’s books — wait, is he there? Probably busy, right? That’s okay, I love girls and robots, too. I mean robot girls. Uh, I guess I’m trying to say I’m a big fan… Anyway, I’m Drake Stevenson. I’ve been wanting to call in for a while — long time listener and all. I guess I’m calling tonight because I have this weird problem. It’s kind of a girl problem…uh…wow, that sounded so lame…”


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