Month: February 2018

A Big Thanks To Our Readers

Big news from Story Empire today and thanks to all the readers!

Story Empire

Good morning, SE Readers. Joan here today with an extra post this week. Back in November, John Howell nominated Story Empire for an award on the Postive Writer website.

The winners were announced last week. Drum roll, please…

Story Empire was named as one of the top fifty writing blogs of 2018! Needless to say, the six of us are super excited about the award. But we know that we wouldn’t have been named if it hadn’t been for our readers.

Many of you went to the site and voted for us. So this award isn’t about Story Empire, but it’s about you. We strive to bring relevant and helpful content each week. Topics that will help you in your writing journey.

So, on behalf of Mae, Staci, Harmony, P. H. and Craig, I want to say, “thank you.” And take a moment to visit Positive Writer to see the…

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This book has me intrigued with the concept. I’ll have to put it on my TBR list.

the midnight frontThe Midnight Front by David Mack

Genre: Fantasy – WWII

Series: Dark Arts #1

Publisher: Tor Books (January 30, 2018)

Author Information: Website|Twitter

Length: 464 pages

My Rating: 3 stars

The Midnight Front is the first installment in David Mack’s Dark Arts series, and without a doubt, the author has done an exceptional job coupling a cool concept with gritty, realistic World War 2 action. For those who find alternate history stories filled with magic their cup of tea, this is an adrenaline filled affair that is well worth their reading time.

In 1939, a young man named Cade Martin finds his whole life ripped from him when a sea monster kills his parents. Stranded at sea, only the timely rescue of a group of sorcerers led by the Scotsman Adair MacRae saves him from certain death. Quickly thereafter, young Cade learns that his rescuers are magicians working…

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How Many Accounts is Too Many? #SocialMedia #MondayBlogs

How many accounts do you need? Good thoughts to consider via Mae Clair on Story Empire today. The answer varies as well as need.

Story Empire

Happy Monday, SEers!  It’s a new week and a new subject. Lately, friends, family, and I have been discussing social media. Even co-workers. I’ve come to realize many people have a love/hate relationship with social media, or at least some of the platforms, and the bulk of activity that takes place there.

I’m not here to debate the merits of social media, rather to offer some suggestions on how to best use it as an author. As writers, we need to have a social media presence. The world exists online, therefore it’s a necessity we’re there too. Obviously, there are tons of social media outlets available, but when does your message become diluted?

Eggs with funny faces in an open egg carton on wood floor

In the world of advertising—regardless the nature of your product or service—the goal is to achieve Top of Mind Awareness. TOMA is the golden standard everyone hopes to attain.

If I say “dandruff shampoo” you’ll probably think…

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