Fun Friday: Post #3

And here’s a good idea! Just lick the image to pin it!


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      1. To be fair, being chased by a Balrog isn’t the time for charming wit. I mean, kudos to Gandalf for staying true to form under pressure, but clarity in the face of demons is appreciated. 😜

      2. Acerbic last words (presumed) are more in line there. I was speaking of Gandalf in general. Given this meme, his learned wit threw them off on some good advice. It makes me wonder if Tolkien was playing a bit with the line and the outcome?

      3. I need to look at the book again. For some reason, I don’t remember him saying it beyond the movie. Still, I think the eagles would have been a bad choice. Too easy to see and shoot down over Mordor.

      4. Well, that’s another issue altogether given the Nazgul were on the wing too! The book has the sequence slightly different but I think the quote is there.

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